Have you ever seen image hash error status while using Google Chrome or any other browser? If so, you may be concerned, but we can help you solve the problem. We will talk about this error in this article. It doesn’t matter whether it’s happening on a Windows-based computer or another device, the troubleshooting process remains the same. This issue can interfere with your internet browsing experience and may prevent you from accessing certain or random web pages on the internet. It can be seen while using social network sites, official sites and other online addresses.

Why am I getting a hash image invalid state error?

If you get this error, it means that the URL you are trying to access is corrupted for some reason. It could be on your side or it could be the server’s fault. So, this issue has no specific reason and can occur for a variety of reasons.

Disable RendererCodeIntegrity

RendererCodeIntegrity is one of the security features in Windows 10 that prevents dangerous or untrusted web addresses and sites. However, this feature can sometimes misbehave and prevent you from visiting some trusted pages. When you block some URLs in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers, you may see error code status_invalid_image_hash on your screen.

Disable browser extensions

Sometimes extensions or add-ons in your internet browser can interfere with your browser’s web browsing engine. As a result, your device will show the same issue over and over again. You need to determine if a specific extension is causing this problem. If you are using Chrome or Microsoft Edge, open your browser and disable all extensions.

The solution done above should be enough to remove the status_invalid_image_hash. If you still can’t fix the problem, reinstall your chrome browser.