too aggressive

Car salesmen have a bad reputation for being too pushy. Can’t get into the place. without being bombarded with people waiting to sell you their most expensive car. Don’t be the person your business tries to get customers to run away from. To avoid this problem, let your customers know that you are ready to answer their questions. Then stop. Let them watch calmly and decide for themselves.

not focused on solving problems

Often, salespeople and business owners focus more on discounts and deals than meeting customer needs. To avoid this, ask yourself “How will this product/service help my customers?” Don’t think about selling. Instead, focus on helping customers and finding solutions.

not asking for business

Spent an hour with a potential customer. And they’re about to leave. Many business owners miss sales opportunities simply because they don’t solicit business from their customers. To avoid this problem, ask the customer what they would like to do without rushing. You may ask if you have any other questions or concerns. Ask questions at the end of your presentation so you won’t miss a sale.

Don’t check business ideas.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting a new business is not doing market research. You want to learn about your competition and understand how you can differentiate yourself from them. Competition can be other small businesses. It could be a product like yours or a giant marketplace like Amazon and Walmart. There are times when niche demand is low and the competition is too fierce. If this is the case you probably don’t want to make a business out of it.

Apply thinly with product.

The biggest mistake new business owners make is overselling. Sometimes one product doesn’t sell well. Owners add products to their stores to attract potential customers. This isn’t always helpful. Let’s say you have a store that sells eco-friendly recycled bags. But no one buys it, so we add green products from suppliers. In the end, you will have an entire mix of products that have nothing to do with each other other than being environmentally friendly. If the brand is all about bags and not other eco-friendly products. It will be difficult to attract the right customers. Mistakes here are more branding errors than product errors. Branding is just as important as branding. Because your brand as the product you sell is how people view your business.